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Prozone Logistics promises to give their clients a system of packing and shipping experts in many of the states who can offer you: Pick-up and services of delivery, Packaging and covering of any size thing, including furniture, gadgets, and substantial hardware, safe and secure packaging of things. Shipping of almost any size cargo, Prozone Logistics offers specialized shipping services overall and a prompt dependable administration, whether your business is in a need of a whole pack and ship organizing, or only one contact, We, Prozone Logistics are here to help you, serve you in the best possible way. Partners in the system we have are experienced professionals when it comes to Pack and ship!

Our individuals have practical experience in shipping, Prozone Logistics offers dispatching your valuables and things via airship cargo, truck cargo just as particular bearers with specialized carriers too. When it comes to freight shipping, packaging is the main key part in the protected transportation of your cargo products across the nation.

Prozone Logistics are fixed and loaded up with the suitable measure of padding operators to guarantee things are secure for transportation. Numerous components are mulled over including measurements, weight, delicacy, method of transport and last, the requirements for final destinations.

Prozone Logistics utilizes a few unique kinds of filling to prepare our containers for delivery including, polyurethane, polyether and polystyrene froths. A significant number of our areas are utilizing the most recent innovation in eco-accommodating stuffing items including reused cardboard materials.

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More alternatives, more services s, best costs, Prozone Logistics offers the most extensive scope of overall delivery choices.

We offer efficient yet effective transportation value which empowers you to pick the carrier that has the finest services for your necessities, at the best cost.


From a document of one-ounce to a 150 lb. box, we demonstrate to you how the diverse transporters’ costs and services look at and help you pick the best possible services for your necessities.

Ship even a single box, a full truck load, or a sea freight container around the world. If you have locale destination or a business without a loading dock, you don’t have to worry about it too; our lift service of life gate makes delivery simple.